Unpaid Support For Adult Children

Collect Unpaid Support For Adult Children

Even If Your Children Are Adults, We Can Still Collect The Unpaid Child Support You Are Owed

Many families believe that once a child has reached the age of 18, they are no longer entitled to pursue the back child support they are owed. This is absolutely not true, as many adult children discover when they obtain the services of an enforcement and collection agency or child support attorney in Texas.

There have been cases of child support collection involving children 45 years of age and even older; and some of these cases involved hundreds of thousands of dollars. In fact, individuals who never received their due child support while they were juveniles are often surprised to learn that not only will an agency secure the payments due, but an experienced child support enforcement agency will also work to ensure that these adults are paid the child support interest that is due from years of negligence.

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Published by Steven Sinkin on 2013-08-13