Child Support Enforcement

No Time Limit for Child Support Enforcement

Nearly every couple with children who goes through a divorce deals with the aftermath of child support. Texas laws provide for that protection of child support so that parents who are already dealing with the tragedy of divorce will not have to also decide how to divide up their shared financial resources.

Of course, not every divorce settlement results in a smooth transition between a connected family and a divorced family unit; and sometimes it takes legal steps to ensure that there is fair, consistent child support enforcement for Texas families.

There are cases when the fight to secure children the financial support they deserve takes longer than anticipated, which is why, for these families, a child support collection agency, in possible conjunction with a Texas child support attorney, can be an invaluable asset.

Our child support enforcement professionals are proud to serve families all across the State of Texas. Our experienced staff members have earned substantial success for our ability to recover support for adult clients who have not received the child support payments they were due. In some cases, estate settlements have resulted in large lump sums of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

For answers to your child support questions or to help  with your child support enforcement case, contact us today at 1-800-932-6553 or fill out our child support application.

Child Support Collection is the only thing we do, so if you are done playing games call our office today to start your child support enforcement.

Published by Steven Sinkin on 2013-08-13