Child Support Questions and Answers

Q. How do I qualify for Child Support 2 Collect’s Services?

A.  You must have a court order for child support. If you do not have a court order for child support, we cannot help you with child support collection in Texas.

B. Your child support was not paid in full.

C. You must be either the custodial parent who should have received the child support, or the child who was to benefit from the unpaid child support.

Q. If Child Support – 2 Collect cannot collect my past due support, do I owe any fees?

No, if we don’t collect, you don’t pay.

Q. Is there an age limit for child support enforcement and collection of back child support in Texas?

Under Texas law, child support is due until paid, no matter the age of the child. The child can be 15, or the child can be an adult.

Q. What happens to child support payments in Texas if the parent to whom it was owed dies?

The child support then belongs to the child, or children named in the court order for support.

Q. What if the non-paying parent lives out-of-state and the court order for child support is in Texas?

Federal laws allow the collection of child support anywhere in the United States.

Q. If the non-paying parent is self-employed, how do you collect?

Laws allow a child support collection agency to go after support from any source of income including monies paid to independent contractors, monies due on personal injury and worker’s compensation claims, and other monies due in settlement of court cases. (There are only a few government benefits which are exempt from child support collections.)

Q. Do you only handle cases with Texas court orders?

As a Texas child support enforcement agency, we usually do; however under certain circumstances we may be able to register the court order from another state for enforcement in Texas if either the father or the mother or children were ever in Texas.

Q. Is affiliated with the Office of the Attorney General?

No, Child Support – 2 Collect is a private collection agency. We provide child support enforcement and collection to clients in Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, Midland Odessa, Galveston, Ft. Worth, El Paso and all Texas cities and counties.

Q. What makes Child Support – 2 Collect different from other agencies?

We know our clients by name and take a personal interest in the unique facts associated with their case. We understand this is about your children and the hardship you have suffered.

Q. What do your clients say about your services?

See and hear what our clients say about our child support collection services.

Q. How can I find out if Child Support-2 Collect can help me?

Apply now for child support enforcement and collection services.

Published by Steven Sinkin on 2013-08-13