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It is never too late to collect unpaid child support.

Statute of Limitation In Texas, the collection of unpaid child support does not end when your child turns 18 or when your child graduates from high school. If you did not receive your child support payments when they were due, you are able to collect them now with interest.

While some lawsuits have a deadline to file, the enforcement of back child support is not bound by the same rules. For example, if you are injured in a car accident, you have a specific period of time within which to file your lawsuit or it is gone forever.  Child Support Collection is unique. You never lose your right to collect it, even if the missed payments were decades ago.

A non-paying parent cannot take advantage of hiding under the radar long enough for their duty to support their children to disappear. A lot of people think that if they can hide from you for long enough, the law will protect them by preventing you from collecting all the child support they never paid. That is not the case. All that hiding does is hurt the children and increase the amount you can collect when the non-paying parent is finally caught.

If you are considering hiring a child support collection agency but scared it’s too late call our office immediately or fill out our application because more than likely you can still collect. Child Support 2 Collect