Mary McFaddin

A commercial for Child Support 2 Collect was on TV one night when I could not sleep.  My friends had been encouraging me for a while to try to get some of the back child support I was owed.  I called Child Support 2 Collect that very weekend and they called me back the next Monday morning.

I had not received a child support payment in 23 years! My child was 40 years old when I hired Child Support 2 Collect.

If I had only gotten five dollars, I would still have been very impressed with the way Child Support 2 Collect handled my case.  As it turns out, I  was awarded $211,000. The Judgment really surprised me!    I was flabbergasted! Especially since he was only ordered to pay $135.00 a month in child support however with the interest it came to $211,000.  Even more amazing is that they  collected every penny of the judgment.

The father of my children was a totally neglectful father.  We were married and I was pregnant with my second child at the same time as his girlfriend was pregnant with their first.  To say the least, he did not participate in our family as a supportive father, emotionally or financially.

I felt very confident in my Child Support 2 Collect.  They kept me informed throughout the entire process.  They were so very nice.  They made me feel calm and confident.

The whole team at Child Support 2 Collect has just been wonderful. Believe me, I know the difference because I contacted others in the process of trying to get my past due child support.

Everyone was so nice, friendly and professional.  I have just been amazed by it. Now I am more secure after all these years of suffering.

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Published by Steven Sinkin on 2013-08-13