Shelby Day

My child support settlement totaled $155,00.00! The nice part of the award was a specific directive to give $30,000.00 to our daughter as a wedding gift.

As my daughter was getting ready to go to college, I realized that her father and I had some financial issues to deal with. He had not lived up to the settlement in our divorce decree. I had not complained along the way when he had let us down. I had already raised her, always had good jobs and could support my children. When he became nasty and refused to help at this point, I thought, “This just isn’t right.”

I contacted the Sinkin Law Firm to try to make it right. My divorce was over twenty years old. At the time of settlement, my daughter was 24 years old. My attorney, Sam Sinkin, was very sweet and very kind. His representation was truly professional and creative. My ex-husband’s attorney made things a little “interesting” from time to time, yet Sam kept me very calm.

The Sinkin Law Firm is awesome. They know what they are doing. It was a very positive experience. I had times when I was not really sure if I wanted to go forward and felt a bit of guilt. Well this is where the old adage, “nothing ventured, nothing gained” applies. I am very glad I did it. It is so worth it if you really want to make them do the right thing!

Published by Steven Sinkin on 2013-08-13