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We know you have options when it comes to collecting your unpaid child support. When you choose Child Support 2 Collect, you choose to have the best legal representation possible to collect your unpaid child support. Child Support 2 Collect has an exclusive arrangement with the Sinkin Law Firm, the premier law firm for child support collection. They are the only law firm you would want involved in enforcing your child support order.  They are the law firm that established that there are no time limits for the collection of back child support.

In 1997, the Sinkin Law Firm class action lawsuit against the Office of the Attorney General, mandated that interest be applied to every missed child support payment. This monumental victory catapulted the Sinkin Law Firm to the forefront of child support collection where they have remained ever since. Simply put, collecting unpaid child support in Texas would not be the same without the Sinkin Law Firm.

The Sinkin Law Firm has recovered amounts of unpaid child support that would amaze you. By choosing Child Support 2 Collect, you choose to have the Sinkin Law Firm protect you and enforce your rights for free.

 Amount CollectedLocation of CaseLocation of ClientAge of Children at Time of JudgmentORIGINALMonthly Support Obligation
 $620,000 Bexar County St. Paul, Minnesota / San  Antonio, Texas59, 54 $400.00
 $372,649 Smith County Oakwood, Texas38, 37, 37 150.00
 $264,691 Harris County Anahuac, Texas35, 33 $200.00
 $258,564 Harris County Denton, Texas37 $120.00
 $240,612 Harris County Houston, Texas39, 38 $80.00
 $225,000 Ellis Waxahachie40$135.00
 $220,000 Smith Denton, Texas44,41$200.00
 $212,746 Hays County San Antonio, Texas36, 34 $135.00
 $182,500 Dallas Mena, AR50,48,45$120.00
 $180,988 Polk County Onalaska, Texas37, 36 $100.00
 $178,692 Galveston County Texas City, Texas41, 38 $100.00
 $176,795 Dallas County Dallas, Texas50 $60.00
 $174,000 Montgomery  County Conroe, Texas53, 51 $150.00
 $169,591 Galveston County Galveston, Texas19 $500.00
 $167,030 Harris County Houston, Texas42, 40 $180.00
 $157,673 Dallas County Plano, Texas32 $100.00
 $156,412 Wilson County La Vernia, Texas38, 33, 32, 24 $600.00
 $147,151 Randall County Carpenter, WY25, 27$700.00
 $142,353 Midland County Andrews, Texas25, 23, 19 $250.00
 $140,018 Dallas County Dallas, Texas40, 38 $80.00
 $137,406 Tarrant County Arlington, Texas26 $260.00
 $137,035 Brazoria County Normangee, Texas40, 38 $200.00
 $132,499 El Paso County Ft. Worth, Texas18, 16 $250.00
 $129,097 Bexar County San Antonio, Texas34$200.00
 $128,000 Harris County Fort Worth, Texas23$229.00
 $123,137 Harris County San Francisco, CA31$750.00
 $117,608 Harris County Houston, Texas18 $170.00
 $108,633 Harris County Magnolia, Texas32, 32, 30 $270.00
 $101,000 Harris County Hockley, Texas45, 41 $200.00
 $87,638 Travis County Austin, Texas40 $75.00
 $82,500 Comanche County Fort Worth, Texas28,30 $350.00
 $64,515 Bexar County Germany9 *support/alimony
 $57,267 Bexar County St Hedwig, Texas35,39 $240.00
 $40,969 Collin County Dallas, Texas36 $600.00

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