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Child Support is established by the custodial parent through a court order established in family court.  As many people are aware, a court order doesn’t always force the noncustodial parent to pay and the unpaid child support continues to increase.

The good news is that state law allows for interest to accrue on all unpaid support and in most cases the dead beat will have to pay late fees.  Fact is that an unpaid debt accruing compounded interest quickly becomes a large amount money that continues to grow and grow.

Many parents will spend years working with the Texas Attorney General to only have the dead beat slip through the cracks.  A private child support collection agency may be your answer to enforcing child support.

Collecting unpaid child support is something we are so good at that we accept every case on a contingency basis. This means that you only pay us if we collect the unpaid child support you are owed .  Now is a good time to read our testimonials & you will find out exactly how good we are.

Our child support attorneys are unsurpassed in the field of recovering past due child support.  They have helped us collect more than 10 million dollars in back child support.  We are experts in the field.   If you are tired, frustrated and ready to take real actions to enforce your child support order, fill out our child support application or call us immediately to start child support collection.

Our expertise is in collecting unpaid child support.

Delia Sifuentes Testimonial

Ensure your child's well-being!“Since my lawyers took my case, they have collected $178,692.55. This was all accomplished in seven months. My children were 41 and 39 when I obtained legal assistance, and I had not received child support payments for 35 years. My ex-husband was only ordered to pay $100 a month, and he never paid. They collected the child support and interest due to me, and I would like to thank my lawyers for working so hard. I thank God for sending legal help to me. Thank you, guys. You don’t know how much I love you.”

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