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Child Support Collection Client

Linda Lange

I received over $220,000.00 & My children were 44 and 47

If I had never gotten a dime, walking out of that first court appearance and winning on every count was almost as good as the cash settlement. I have lived my life and worked hard. There were days when it was a tremendous struggle. I was ill when my kids were young and asked my ex for help. He always refused. It was hard because he was refusing to pay for something that should have been given anyway. My ex finally had to face the music.   I received over $220,000.00 in past due child support.   My children were 44 and 47 at the time I was able to collect my past due child support.  This is restitution! I did a lot of homework online. I contacted ChildSupport2Collect because I felt that their website gave me the most detailed information. In my first phone call with 800-WE-COLLECT, they thoroughly explained how the laws had changed and that I was entitled to collect my unpaid support after 36 years. We were on the phone for 45 minutes. I had a lot of questions because I could not believe that it was possible. They answered my questions and were completely professional and courteous. I would not hesitate to recommend CS2C to anyone.”
– Linda Lange ~ Denton, Texas

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Ensure your child's well-being!

Ensure your child's well-being! As part of the process, we aggressively track down the assets and jobs of deadbeats to get you the unpaid payments you are owed.

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