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Delia Sifuentes Testimonial

Ensure your child's well-being!“Since my lawyers took my case, they have collected $178,692.55. This was all accomplished in seven months. My children were 41 and 39 when I obtained legal assistance, and I had not received child support payments for 35 years. My ex-husband was only ordered to pay $100 a month, and he never paid. They collected the child support and interest due to me, and I would like to thank my lawyers for working so hard. I thank God for sending legal help to me. Thank you, guys. You don’t know how much I love you.”

Child Support 2 Collect is licensed by the Texas Department of Banking. License Number 12

Child Support Collection Agency is the last words most want to hear unless you are owed money because a dead beat parent decided to not pay court ordered child support.  In the 70’s and 80’s many dead beats thought they could run away or simply ignore their responsibility to pay support until the kids grew up and then magically all of the unpaid support just disappeared.

To be honest in the 70’s and 80’s that was the truth, but thanks to the hard work of attorneys like Steven Sinkin all of those dead beats are being aggressively pursued by Child Support Collection Agencies across the country. Read the testimonials about Child Support 2 Collect, if you don’t believe me.

Our San Antonio Child Support Collection Agency has one focus and that is holding dead beats responsible for unpaid support.  We are not a general practice collection agency such as the type contracted by sprint pcs or at&t.  Instead our only focus is child support & making sure our clients are fully compensated.

Ensure Your Child’s Well Being

Ensure your child's well-being! As part of the Texas child support enforcement and collection process, we aggressively track down the assets and jobs of deadbeats to get you the unpaid support you are owed.

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