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“The child support payments that my child’s father was ordered to pay me was $500.00 per month. The total amount of past due child support that Child Support 2 Collect recovered for me and my 20 year old daughter was $169,591.00. I thought the chances were gone for me to get the past due child support. They not only recovered my past due child support but were able to add on the interest for a beyond-belief amount.

Child Support 2 Collect’s staff’s positive attitude and prompt response to my questions and concerns made the situation less stressful for me. Their knowledge and experience strengthened me to go after what was rightfully mine. Thank you Child Support 2 Collect.”

From Amy Carr – Galveston, TX

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Ensure your child's well-being!

Ensure your child's well-being! As part of the Texas child support enforcement and collection process, we aggressively track down the assets and jobs of deadbeats to get you the unpaid support you are owed.

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