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LAUNA BROCKMAN“My 22 year old daughter and I had not received child support for over twenty years. Her father’s child support obligation was only $175.00 per month. However, with the interest that had accumulated, Child Support 2 Collect recovered an incredible $103,020.00. I wish to express my sincere gratitude to Child Support 2 Collect. Other families throughout Texas that had been helped by them said their work was amazing. What an understatement! With their assistance, we were able to recapture the delinquent child support. Their knowledge of the law and attention to detail allowed us to finally receive our back child support plus interest. This has now empowered me to receive the respect and child support that was due to me – leading to a much better life.

If you are owed money from delinquent or back child support, I highly recommend you calling Child Support 2 Collect. Our lives have been enriched by doing so!

From Launa Brockman – Plano, TX


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Ensure your child's well-being!

Ensure your child's well-being! As part of the Texas child support enforcement and collection process, we aggressively track down the assets and jobs of deadbeats to get you the unpaid support you are owed.

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